TruBudget as a Service

Launch a TruBudget Sandbox with not much more than the click of a Button. This Website offers you an easy way to get started with TruBudget - a trusted public expenditure tool based on blockchain.

TruBudget projects

Why TruBudget as a Service?

Some of the main reasons to use a Blockchain are trustlessness, security and transparency through decentralized persistance. When launching a Sandbox via TruBudget as a Service, the started blockchain network consists of this sandbox only. TruBudget as a Service shows how easily a blockchain node can be setup automatically and how similar the usage of a blockchain based system is compared to database based systems.

TruBudget projects

How to get started?

Sign up and Sign in first to get access to the TruBudget as a Service management dashboard. The dashboard offers an easy way to create an own TruBudget Sandbox. In the Sandbox its possible to manage collaborative workflows in a blockchain-based database to track and coordinate the implementation of donor-funded investment projects.